Trough Coatings

HMC’s carbon base trough coatings have become the standard for the foundry industry. Our trough blackings enable excellent splinter release, long runs between recoating and are easily patched.

Core Coatings

HMC offers refractory coatings based on either carbon, silica, alumina or zircon.

Ladle Coatings

HMC produces magnesium oxide and carbon-based ladle and core coatings. Our coatings promote ease of cleaning and extend the life of ladle refractories. Rhinokote LP-600 and BRS-50 are excellent ladle coatings which greatly reduces the clean out time for a ladle and it can be easily applied by either spraying or brushing and has excellent suspension.

Lost Foam Coatings

Permanent Mold Coatings